Meet our Team

We have a professional working team here at Kids Kingdom who is always ready to assist you in any way that we can. Our teachers are qualified and experienced. Each class has a full time Homeroom Teacher, Teacher Assistant and a helper on all classes. We also have Specialist teachers for P.E, Music, STEM, Yoga, Speech and Drama, Arts and Crafts during regular school days and outsource instructors for our after-school classes like Mandarin, Taekwondo, Soccer, Ballet and Cooking.

Our Administrative Team

Our Teaching Team

Ms. Preeya Roachtavilit

Head Teacher / K3 Level Coordinator & Teacher

Ms. Chelsea Ko


Ms. Nina Moller


Ms. Maggie van Onselen

N-Level Coordinator / Nursery A

Ms. Nita Doowa

Nursery B

Ms. Puja Siripanyavuthi

Nursery C

Ms. Sheryll Enriquez

K1 Level Coordinator / K1A

Ms. Remika Singhpathom

Kindergarten 1 B

Ms. Jessie Singh

Kindergarten 1 C

Ms. Tarika Anandsongkit

Kindergarten 2 A

Ms. Ashley Carter

Kindergarten 2 B

Ms. Jerry

Kindergarten 3 Support

Ms. Pu

PreN Support / Thai

Ms. Tanya Pagsolingan

Music and Drama