K3 Graduation Tea Party 2020
Graduation season is full of traditions even for our young ones: caps and gowns, songs, dances and much more! Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the celebrations were different from what we had initially planned but they were “special” all the same. Our Kids Kingdom team put together a memorable event to celebrate the milestone of our class of 2020, while maintaining social distancing and other safety measures. We also had virtual commencements this year as two of our students joined us LIVE from Japan making it a special moment for all present there.

Good luck to our little graduates …. we will surely miss you !!

The Lion King Musical 2019
“The Lion King”, our first ever production showcased an incredible performance from our Kids Kingdom team!

Our staff worked round the clock to create beautiful props and ensure both on and off stage directions were cued perfectly. All our students worked tirelessly rehearsing the choreography and the lines for their parts. They really are stars of the stage and we hope they will be inspired to do more and take with them an experience never to be forgotten.

Thank you to everyone who attended the show your support in this amazing journey ! We hope that you thoroughly enjoyed yourselves!

Family Fit Fest 2019
We love our community and believe in fitness. This led us to organize our very first FAMILY FIT FEST which was yet another successful event.'GET FIT. HAVE FUN. LIVE WELL.' was our mantra which was lived up to by a variety of activities set up by our very own talented staff. We started the event with indoor morning fitness sessions like Zumba, Cross Fit, Bollywood burn, Yoga, Kick boxing, Aqua aerobics to name a few. Parents and children also enjoyed a great variety of sporty games and fun stations set up outdoors for our young ones. Parents had their chance to showcase their strength and got competitive participating in challenges like push-ups and planks while the rest cheered and supported them. Food stations were popular with all, offering a healthy range of freshly made smoothies, a variety of home-made hummus with breads, granola with yogurt and a fruit platter. Happy, healthy and fit - the smiles on their faces said it all!
Songkran 2019
This was a blend of cultural and fun water activities. Children and our staff performed a Thai dance after which they had water offerings for their teachers.

Children then enjoyed a variety of water games and activities like foam fun, merry-go-round, car wash, slip & slide, ice age and lots more.

Dancing Through the Decades 2018
This year our Christmas theme was 'Dancing through the Decades'. Each class chose a dancing number from a decade; rock & roll, moonwalk, waltz, disco, salsa and lots more. The children were then surprised by visit from Santa Claus who brought them gifts!
International Day 2018
Pirates of Kids Kingdom 2018
Pirate’s day at Kids Kingdom was fun and exciting. Children came in dressed as pirates with lots of gears! The event started with a ‘magic show’ and then children were given a pirate map with which they moved around to different stations set up by our teachers and staff. Some of our fun stations included Walk the Plank / Cannon Ball Cans / Photo booths etc.
Mini Sports Fest 2017
Rocking Christmas 2017
This year, it was Kids Kingdom Rocking Christmas and the children rocked and rolled to the beats of the Christmas songs! They were dressed in beautiful costumes matching their performances. Children were thrilled to see Santa and each of them received gifts from him! The event was held at Radisson Blu Hotel and parents enjoyed snacks and refreshments after the concert!
Loy Krathong Festival 2017
In our aim to promote Thai Culture; Kids Kingdom celebrated this very popular Thai festival with a variety of activities. Children dressed in Thai costumes, sang songs, made the krathongs and finally floated them in the small pool that we set up! Students from Thai class also performed the Thai dance!
Green Carnival 2017
With Kids Kingdom’s initiative to ‘Go Green’, we decided to have our very special Carnival in February 2017; ‘Green Carnival’. The carnival was primarily aimed at creating awareness in the young minds the importance of going green.

Teachers created a variety of fun games like Hungry Trash Monster, Minions Bowling, Catch the Falling Leaf, Toss-A-Hoop and lots more using all recycled materials. We also had the Clown Eckie show, a Bouncy Climber and Dinosaur slider.

It was a beautiful family fun day with the proceeds going to charity!

Halloween 2017
Children came dressed in their favorite fancy costume! They enjoyed parading and the various activities and of course the trick and treat time!
Around the World Concert 2017
Parents were taken on a journey around the world with Kids Kingdom’s ‘Around the World’ end-of-year concert! Children performed the Rain Dance from Native America, Bamboleo from Spain, Logo Te Pate from Hawaii and many more performances from India, Morocco, Philippines, and Thailand. It was a beautiful event where children dressed up in the costume of the country of their performance!

We also had Zumba and Ballet performances by the children who participated in the after-school activities during the school year!

Graduation Ceremony 2017
This was a brief memorable ceremony for our little graduates who were ready to move on to primary school. The children danced and performed a small play for their parents. They then received their certificates in their graduation gowns.