What parents say

From Kids Kingdom Parents

Lorenza Rosso La Micela (2020 - 2023)

Kids kingdom was for my child and my family the best place where to be in a moment of our life where we were looking for a caring place where our son could grow in a peaceful and mindful place. A school where they know that you are unique and they let you flourish in your own special way under the guidance of the best team of teachers and TA.

My son and us will never forget this amazing school and it will always be missed.


Bianca Nunag Sigeda (2018 - 2022)

For four years, Kids Kingdom fostered a love of learning and a wonderful sense of community in our boys, Kostya and Leo. They were always happy to go to school every morning and would be eager to tell us about their days.

We really liked the boutique nature of the school and the personalized attention and care each child received from the teachers and the staff.We found the academic program to  be strong and we appreciated all the activities and events that the school organized outside the classroom that kept both kids and parents engaged. Overall, we loved our time at Kids Kingdom and we’re sure new parents will feel as welcome as we did when we first arrived.

Dr. Eric Lombardini (2011 - 2014)

Over the three years that we lived in Bangkok, we had the extraordinary good fortune to send our son to Kids Kingdom for his school from the age of 2 to 5. Our son has autism, and needed a shadow teacher, which many other schools in Bangkok felt would be disruptive.

The Kids Kingdom administration, staff and teachers demonstrated a compassion and support that we likely would not have experienced elsewhere. There was genuine interest in the progress and success of our son, demonstrated through excellent and constant communication, as well as through the flexibility and an organic understanding of how difficult this process was for us. Children with special needs are still children, each with their own beauty, capabilities and wonder. Kids Kingdom recognizes that and nurtures all children, not as an after-thought, but as part of a curriculum that embraces the needs of each individual.

The tutelage that our son received actually placed him in a position of strength when we returned to the United States, and we wish we had the same care now that Kids Kingdom provided us during our years in Thailand.

Ms. Lily, the administration, support staff and the teachers at Kids Kingdom have our enthusiastic support, and our thanks.


Chrissy Edwards (2011 - 2016)

Our family has been connected to Kids Kingdom since 2011. My eldest joined playgroup as a wee 20 month-old and transitioned easily to Pre-K in 2013 with the loving support of the teachers and staff. My twins girls grew up on campus, in tow to pick up their brother, then joining playgroup followed by K1 in 2014.

This school is all they know. It was a natural choice to enroll here, with the small community feel and adoring teachers. These children have grown in knowledge and confidence as well as socially and emotionally.

The nurturing environment has been such a blessing to many of us expats who feel that the school is like a second home, with the staff filling the gaps of faraway family. As our family moves on to primary school, we’ll take with us so many wonderful memories of our 5 years on this campus. It is with great sadness that we say goodbye to the staff and Kids Kingdom family!

Barbara Vogelsanger, Switzerland (2010 - 2016)

My kids joined Kids Kingdom end of November 2010: my eldest, now eight years old, was one of the first students enrolled in K1 and my little one joined the playgroup.

It has been a fantastic experience since day one, especially because we immediately felt being part of a new family. Ms. Lily, the School Director, has been amazing, very dedicated, reliable, professional, always willing to help and responsive.All the teachers we met were great, very professional, helpful and the quality of care and education provided was really great.

My kids were always happy to go to school and their enthusiasm was a clear sign of an harmonic environment with an entourage of caring and kind staff. Kids Kingdom will certainly be in our memories as an excellent school which we wholeheartedly can recommend to anybody.