Meet our Team

We have a professional working team here at Kids Kingdom who is always ready to assist you in any way that we can. Our teachers are qualified and experienced. Each class has a full time Homeroom Teacher, Teacher Assistant and a helper on all classes. We also have Specialist teachers for P.E, Music, STEM, Yoga, Speech and Drama, Arts and Crafts during regular school days.

Our Administrative Team

Our Teaching Team

Ms. Preeya Roachtavilit

Head Teacher / K3 Level Coordinator & Teacher

Ms. Chelsea Ko


Ms. Maggie van Onselen

N-Level Coordinator / Nursery A

Ms. Nita Doowa

Nursery B / School Nurse

Ms. Maria Giulietta Consentino

Nursery C

Ms. Sheryll Enriquez

K1 Level Coordinator / K1A

Ms. Suranjni Sachathep

Kindergarten 1 B

Ms. Kaitlin Jayne Simpson

Kindergarten 1 C

Ms. Remika Srimanothip

Kindergarten 2 A / K2 Level Coordinator

Ms. Ashley Carter Cheetham

Kindergarten 2 B

Ms. Angie Odell

Kindergarten 2 C

Ms. Jerry

Kindergarten 3 Support

Ms. Puja Siripanyavuthi

K2 Support Teacher

Ms. Pu

PreN Support / Thai

Ms. Tanya Pagsolingan

Music and Drama

Mr. Arran James Carter Cheetham

P.E and Sports