Building Blocks
to Nurture Young Creative Thinkers

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Objective, play & inquiry
based learning approaches

Kids Kingdom Ruamrudee provides a comprehensive curriculum for children.

Our curriculum is a researched syllabus with a mixture of outcome; objective, play and inquiry based learning approaches. Designed by curricula experts, the curriculum is further peer reviewed by an advisory committee to ensure educational relevance and rigor. In order to ensure that the curriculum covers the developmental domains, there are seven core content learn- ing areas which include numeracy, language arts, social and emotional skills, social sciences, creative and visual arts, technology and science, and physical development and motor skills.

We are a Franchise of IPC (International Preschool Curriculum), an organization which provides comprehensive curriculum for Kindergartens around the world. The curriculum is a researched syllabus with a mixture of outcome, objective, play and inquiry-based learning.

The IPC is aligned to NAEYC standards and other accreditation agencies. The IPC has published supplements for governmental compliance purposes and has been praised by government departments for its quality.

About the IPC

The International Preschool Curriculum (IPC) was founded to strengthen and harmonize early childhood education standards. As a professional association that directly serves schools, learners, parents and governments, the IPC offers a unique set of products and services that promote active learning and effective practices in teaching. The IPC enjoys global recognition and works closely with governments to amend curricula materials if required to ensure local standard compliance.

New International Membership

Kids Kingdom is now a proud member of NDNA National Day Nurseries Association. As an international member, Kids Kingdom will have access to various knowledge and training relevant to English childcare curriculum all over the world. Resources including best practice tips, childcare activities, fact sheets, and online trainings for teachers and staff will be highly beneficial to our growing Kids Kingdom community.

International Education

Kids Kingdom Ruamrudee fully recognizes the growing trend and desire for international education, particularly where a school has the backing of an internationally renowned organization. The Director, Dr. Lek Sachathep and her team have gone through tremendous lengths to demonstrate that they meet our standards and we are confident that the owners are dedicated to educational development.

Great Facilities

Kids Kingdom International Kindergarten boasts of great facilities like:

  • Outdoor playground with bicycle track
  • Learning centers
  • P.E area obstacle course
  • Bright and spacious classrooms
  • Library
  • Kitchen role play area
  • Toddler’s Playgroup Room
  • CCTV Viewing Room
  • Outdoor cafeteria
  • Interactive play center
  • First-Aid / Nurse Room

Why Choose
Kids Kingdom

Fostering the 3Qs; IQ Intelligent Quotient, EQ Emotional Quotient and CQ Creative Quotient
Excellent and well-accepted early childhood curriculum IPC ( International Pre-School Curriculum)
Highly-Qualified, passionate and well-trained staff
Nurturing and equipped environment that is conducive to learning and teaching
Close and effective partnership with parents
Convenient locations

Book a School Tour

For more information or to schedule a visit at Kids Kingdom Ruamrudee,
please contact Dr. Lek Sachathep (Director) at 081-733-4703 (Dr. Lek), 02-253-8515, 063-624-6152 (School Office) or email to