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Specialist Classes at Kids Kingdom

Inclusive in our weekly schedule are these classes conducted by Specialist teachers: Music, Art, Sports & Gym, Swimming, Kiddy Club, Computers and Thai Language & culture. Our schedule also includes library sessions and Kiddy Club activities like yoga, cooking, science experiments and outdoor fun

Music & Movements:

Through singing, playing instruments, expressive movement, children acquire musical skills and an awareness of musical concepts such as beat and rhythm. The goals of our “hands-on” program are to have children create, perform, and participate in music-making, to know and use musical materials and resources, and to appreciate, respond to, and analyze music they hear


Sports & Gymnastics

Through Sports and Gymnastics, students will demonstrate the ability to achieve competency in many movement forms such as balancing, running, skipping, hopping, jumping, bending and stretching. They will demonstrate strength, endurance and flexibility while performing a variety of activities. Students will build on their eye / hand coordination to accomplish tasks such as throwing, catching, kicking etc.


Junior Artist

Through their creations of art, children have the opportunity to express themselves, communicate expressive ideas and relate to problem-solving skills. They explore different colors, textures, tools and techniques. Through their sensory experiences they manipulate, discover and explore various art mediums.


Thai Language and Culture

Children learn basic Thai vocabulary through songs, rhymes and alphabets. They develop an awareness of the culture through stories, interaction and festival celebrations.


Information Technology

With the rapid pace of technological development and change in today’s society, it is important that technology plays a role in children’s education. At Kids Kingdom we provide computer classes to enhance their leaning; children learn through utilizing their five senses and explore concepts such as reading, math, phonics and music.


Kiddy Club

Children enjoy a variety of activities on rotation basis during our Wednesday Kiddy Club. Yoga (Stretches and basic poses to help with flexibility and focusing) / Cooking (Fun cooking dishes such as pancake, fruit salad, Christmas cookies etc) / Outdoor Fun (Treasure Hunt, Obstacle Course, Team games etc) / Science Experiments (magic milk, volcano experiment, blobs in a bottle etc)



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